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If you wanted to choose a Puchong condo for sale or Puchong jaya house for sale in the “panel”, then it will be useful for you to find out a few facts about such housing. First and foremost, these houses are quite noisy. Redevelopment is difficult because of the large number of load-bearing walls. It can be chilly in Soviet and post-Soviet buildings, as buildings are blown through the seams between the slabs.

Selection of apartments in monolithic new buildings

Monolithic houses are built according to an individual project, which expands the choice of apartment layouts. In modern new buildings, housing of rare formats is often offered: with terraces, high ceilings up to 4-6 m, two-level apartments, etc. Seamless walls with insulation provide good energy efficiency, but sound insulation still suffers, although not as much as in panel houses.

Apartments in brick houses

If you purposefully want to choose an apartment in a brick house, most likely you will need to turn to the offer of the secondary market – now developers rarely use this technology. Nevertheless, such houses are the most durable and last up to 200 years. Brick retains heat well, so the apartment will be comfortable even in the most severe frosts. Since most of the walls are load-bearing, it will be difficult to carry out redevelopment.

What apartment layout is better to choose?

If you haven’t thought about which apartment is better to choose in terms of layout, now is the time. This will make it easier for you to narrow your search and at the same time form a clearer picture of your future housing. What kind of apartments can the modern market offer? The most varied – from tiny studios for students to view penthouses. It remains only to decide which apartment is right for you.

Types of apartment layouts picture

Designers divide layouts into closed, open and partially closed. Almost everyone who lived or lives in the houses of the old fund is familiar with closed ones – these are traditional apartments, where each of the rooms is isolated from the rest. Planning solutions of an open type do not imply the construction of any partitions between living quarters. Accordingly, in partially closed layouts, there are both separate and combined rooms.

The following types of layouts are most popular:

Euro planning

It differs from the usual one in that the kitchen and living room in it are not separated by a partition, but represent a single space. It is used both in studios to save space, and in larger apartments to create a large living area.

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