Home delivery of vegetables in Malaysia and the region


By buying and eating vegetables and fruits, OnGrocer helps your body and take care of the most important thing health. Fruits and vegetables, when consumed daily, cover the human need for vitamins, macro-elements, and minerals. It is impossible not to mention the importance of fiber for the human body. It helps the body absorb nutrients from food and eliminate toxins. It provides a feeling of fullness and helps maintain more consistent energy levels. Buying fresh online vegetables Malaysia and fruits means providing your body with a mass of useful and necessary substances. 

Fruits and vegetables in recipes

Every housewife knows at least 3-4 recipes from all popular fruits and vegetables, and every conscientious citizen knows that food is considered incomplete without them. OnGrocer take care of your health by offering exclusively fresh fruits and vegetables delivered to your home. You will be able to prepare an incredible amount of delicious homemade food, even in difficult times.

Safe food delivery

OnGrocer cares about the health of the employees. They all work with gloves and masks, and delivery vehicles are disinfected from the inside daily. OnGrocer offers you to order food delivery directly to the door of your home, in view of the current situation. Delivery of groceries home will also help out the elderly, who are physically difficult to go to stores and stand in lines there. Be healthy!

Fresh vegetables in the OnGrocer online store

You can buy fresh vegetables with delivery in the online store in a few clicks online in catalog.

You can order vegetables in bulk from one pallet of products, which holds 500 kg. OnGrocer has the own vehicle fleet and can deliver products in the shortest possible time, you just need to tell you the time convenient for you. You can check the delivered products on the spot, and if you are not satisfied with the quality of the vegetables, you can return the goods back. If everything suits you, then the employee gives you a check. Payment can be made in various ways: immediately after registration on the website, upon receipt of the goods by credit card or cash. 

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