The Top 5 MLM Companies Around The World


The Top 5 MLM Companies Around The World

Marketing is a crucial avenue to any business scheme. Whatever mlm software malaysia or service you’re selling and however smoothly your business may otherwise operate, no sales can ever reach it’s peak without the exposure effective marketing affords – able to spread awareness of your product/service over large populations and therefore encourage further sales from potential consumers.

There are a myriad of different marketing schemes out there, all distinct in their methods of execution and the variability in their effectiveness. But perhaps none are as popular and controversial as mlm software malaysia; more commonly shortened to it’s acronym MLM. MLM is a business strategy wherein distributors recruit more people to sell the business’s products and/or services, while receiving a percentage off the recruiter’s salary as payment. The MLM marketing scheme is controversial in its similarities to the pyramid scheme – but sometimes, the MLM strategy has been shown to work by generating it’s company big bucks.

So if you’re curious as to what companies have enacted this marketing strategy and succeeded, here are the top 5 MLM companies around the world!

1. Amway

Founded in 1959, Amway is an American MLM company who has made its name selling beauty and health products in the industry. One of the most profitable MLM companies in the entire world, Amway has generated massive revenues across 2018-2019 that average around 8 billion USD per year; triumphing practically every other MLM company currently in operation.

Amway has an extensive range of products geared towards healthcare and beauty, such as skin care, personal care, and weight management. Though Amway has been accused of operating a pyramid scheme in the past due to it’s MLM strategies, none of these accusations have ever been founded – and Amway remains one of the most profitable MLM companies in the world to this date.

2. Avon

Avon is yet another cosmetic, beauty, and personal care company which excels in the world of business MLM. The company has boasted an average of 4-5 billion USD from 2018 to 2019, and remains a highly successful MLM business throughout the wider world.

Much like Amway, Avon’s product list includes a wide variety of personal care and beauty items; such as body washes, fragrances, home and living, nutrition products, and even fashion. Not to mention, Avon also announced it’s desire to end all kinds of animal testing on it’s products in 2019, and has since seemingly operated within that claim to promote a safer, cruelty-free environment for animals in the beautycare industry.

3. Herbalife Nutrition

Founded in 1980, Herbalife Nutrition is a dietary supplement company hailing from California, US; and has since branched out to become arguably one of the most successful and profitable MLM companies in the entire world. Statistics have shown that Herbalife averages at about 4-5 billion USD in revenue from 2018 to 2019, and has thus evidently generated a huge profit in part due to it’s marketing scheme.

Herbalife Nutrition products often promise high-quality products that can boost your health. To this end, their product catalogue includes extensive categories that cater to core nutrition, weight management, heart and digestive health, and much more.

It’s clear that MLM has not enjoyed the most positive reputation within the field of businesses and even the wider world; with those who operate under the system often being accused of illegal pyramid schemes. Still, these companies do demonstrate, to some extent, that MLM schemes can work within the boundaries of ethics and legality; leveraging its effectiveness and becoming some of the most profitable MLM companies across the wider world.


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