When Can You Get The Perfect Selayang Condo For Sale


There are many things to consider before buying: Whether the apartment is right for you, whether you think the price is reasonable, and whether the apartment has a good owners association. The expert emphasizes that it is very important that you do not get too carried away by the ‘love at first sight’ feeling. So go for the Selayang condo for sale now.

Choose the best

Unfortunately, many people buy housing with the heart, which is good because we have to like the place we live, but you also have to remember to buy housing with the brain. When you fall in love with something, then a process should start where you try to find out if it is a good love affair or should only be a short-lived flame, he says.

You have to buy after getting some value for money. We would say that you should rather pay more money for few square meters with a good location and good decor than to have many square meters with a half-bad location and bad decor, he says.

  • That way, you are better secured against bad times, where your apartment may fall in price because an apartment with a good location is generally easier to sell. He also encourages you to look at the building’s owners’ association in the seams expensive joint loans may have been taken out.
  • You must be in control of whether major maintenance work is planned, which will increase the owners’ association contribution. And then you also have to be careful if the monthly contribution is set too low, he says and elaborates:
  • The owners’ association should make provision for ongoing maintenance, but many associations do so in such a way that if they need a new roof or new balcony, they ask the residents to pay per apartment and that is money you must pull out of pocket here and now. You can find information about the owners’ association and their finances in the sales list, and by looking through the association’s accounts.

What are the typical mistakes people make when buying a condominium?

When it comes to buying a condominium, the biggest pitfall, according to the two experts, is that you are going to pay too much money for your apartment. According to Michael Christensen, it is always a matter of judgment how much you are willing to pay for a given apartment, but it is worth considering the future consequences if you ever have to resell it.

You must be critical in relation to whether the price is too high. If you can see that all the other apartments in the property have been traded cheaper, then there is probably something wrong. Of course, there may be arguments that an apartment is more expensive if a new kitchen or bathroom has been made, and then you have to assess whether the benefits are worth the price. Just so you know that you can also check out Mont Kiara apartment and house for rent Bukit Jelutong.

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