Why Is Honesty Important In Relationship


Why Is Honesty Important In Relationship

Who has not been into a relationship throughout their whole lives? Well, if there is, I would salute you for not having to do this throughout your life. We are currently living in the 21st century, yet this kind of issue of no presence of honesty in a relationship still exists. Normally girls would argue about the presence of honesty because typically men would do a lot more damage in a relationship. But growing deeper and longer into a relationship, I realize that honesty is not basically about them not telling you that they have cheated on you, it is more than just that. Let us just say that honesty in general, if people ask you about something, then you would have to be honest about something, without trying to lie or cover it.

But why is honesty important? Okay, as we are living in the 21st century, do you notice something similar about every girl and woman? They would always say they have trust issues. Why do you think they trust issues? Because in their previous relationships, they have been cheated, lied to, and manipulated by all the men they have dated. It does not matter if you lied for the sake of taking care of the other person’s feelings, you are still lying and when the other person finds out about it one day, you are going to be dead. I would suggest if that ever happens to you, it is better, to be honest, explain your reason, talk about the real things about how you feel towards the other person because that will be more genuine.

The other thing is that when you are not being honest, right? Especially about yourself and to yourself, you would be seen as this person who puts up a persona so people look at you in a certain way. You see, even like this, you are not being honest. You are lying and especially to yourself and to your partner. Over time, and in time where you would act differently than your persona, it will show your true self and people would think like all this while, you are not being yourself.

Last but not least, I feel like I have been attacking men too much so this part is about women. Women who also like to be in denial. You know how dangerous is that, being in denial? Then expect people to understand you, and know what goes through your head? Hello? forex platform malaysia ! Why can’t you women just straight up tell your partner who goes through your head, without having to be so defensive? Why can’t you just tell them where you want to eat, because of your fear of rejection? This is one of the reasons why men hate dating generally because they would have to peel off layer by layer of the woman they are currently with, and it is tiring. You know, what if they are currently joining, let say, broker Malaysia, being in class and gaining knowledge and suddenly receive a short text from you which you expect him to understand, it is like breaking the Da Vinci Code.


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