Why You Should Know Social Media Marketing


Now that we have entered the 21st century, we can expect to upgrade innovations and advancements in technologies. Due to that, our way of life has slightly changed compared to how we lived before all these changes. Nevertheless, I believe that it is for good purposes and no one could deny the advantages we have been getting from all these upgrades. But one of the things that came and became a habit to us is social media marketing. When it just started, it was just and still is a place for us to share memories among our friends, share our thoughts and prayers, connecting with new people, but now in a way, we unconsciously learn how to do marketing on social media, without taking any classes for it. 

social media marketing

But why do we really need to know social media marketing? Is it really important? Some of the questions people ask all the time because to them, social media marketing can only be managed by someone with experience and qualifications. But that is where they are wrong. You see social media marketing only requires basic marketing and your basic knowledge on social media such as insight, attractive captions, ideas for posting, and others. Once you go through the process, it is not really that hard. 

Social media marketing also helps you to sell yourself online, and I do not mean in that dirty way. By selling, you are unconsciously making an online portfolio for yourself, unless you are making your social media private. But normally when you are looking for a job, your superiors or supervisors would normally check your name through Google, and see what type of person you are, just to have an insight or quick observation of you, and that is where their judgments start, and that is why it is very dangerous what you share online nowadays. 

Apart from that, let say you would like to have extra income and come up with your small business especially to help yourself during this pandemic, you could reuse the skills and knowledge you have on social media marketing onto your business. Why would you want to spend more on hiring a social media manager or marketer when you can hire yourself? You can manage your postings and captions on social media, and for insights and ads, you can just use the tools that social media have provided you with, especially on Instagram. Find out more social media and marketing in Malaysia here if you would like to know or interested in this. 

To conclude, social media marketing has many advantages for you, your business and your personal purposes. Thus, I feel like it is not so bad to indulge and learn it while you still have the capability and advantage. Nevertheless, you should not feel pressured as it is an additional skill and if you have interest in it, it can help you, but if you feel overwhelmed, you can always hire someone with knowledge and experience with it so you do not feel it is too much. 

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