Habits That Benefit Our Physical Health As Well As Mental Health


The human body is so simple to take care of, right?

All it needs is a well-balanced meal, three to four different types of spiritual practices, a lot of knowledge, mental stimulations, proper sleep cycles, loads of fruits, exercise, maybe some Proganic herbs for liver, and social life. Sounds so so easy right?

Except that it is not.

Taking care of ourselves is not easy. Especially if we are combatting a mental illness. Taking care of ourselves takes a new meaning when we are tired and overworked. It is also different when we have an eating disorder or insomnia. Much of our entire community is suffering some sort of mental illness. The consequences of not having proper life balances and practices. 

While we cannot do everything perfectly for ourselves, there are some things we can do to take care of ourselves. Mindful practices and productive exercises can benefit both our mental health and physical health. We are not recommending that you do it all. But ofcourse., small changes, incorporation went or two new practices in our lives have more impact than we realize. 

So let’s take a look at some habits you can incorporate in your life for a long-term change.  

Quit Smoking AND Vaping 

The impact smoking any type of chemical has its deteriorating impacts on our body. The health risks and mental risks associated with smoking and vaping are explained every day. But it still does not stop the majority of the population from finishing up an entire cigarette pack in a day. Frankly, we understand why things are the way they are. People are stressed, overworked, and mentally exhausted. Smoking at the end of the day is what brings them satisfaction but this is only a lie our brain tells ourselves because we are addicted. Our addicted brain needs clearance from the vape cloud and the nicotine cloud that is in both our lungs and brain. 

Practice Mindfuldrinking or practice abstinence from Alcohol

Mindful drinking can go a long way from saving ourselves from alcohol-induced diseases. Alcohol-induced diseases are not only painful but also ruins our mental health and our bank balance. It is no easy ride battling with cirrhosis or hepatitis. We can’t afford to have a liver transplant so make sure to practice mindful drinking before we cross that bridge of acute liver failure. 

Eat Your Greens 

When we say greens, we mean leafy vegetables. We hate leafy vegetables sometimes. But we can’t deny that it does bring color to our plate. Incorporate leafy vegetables in such a way that it does not bore us. Maybe include some spinach in your cheesy plate of pasta. 

Get at least Eight Glasses Of Water 

Water is not important for our skin. Water can make us feel rejuvenated and energized as well. If you are feeling constantly tired and exhausted, maybe check how much water you drink per day. If you are drinking less than 5-8 glasses of water, you may be combatting many different effects of dehydration. From skin dryness to having fatigue, you are bound to see the effects of dehydration. 

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