What Is The Male Masturbator Classic Like?


The male masturbator range has different models of male masturbators available, an elegant male sex toy that stimulates the entire member.

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Other masturbators focus exclusively on the stimulation of the glans, while the male masturbator envelops the penis in its entirety, covering it with an internal sleeve made of a material that simulates the skin, it is very soft and next to Its internal pressure regulator with suction effect gives an impression of reality that will make you experience a unique sensation and much more intense orgasms.

What Features Does The Male Masturbator Have?

The male masturbator is a penis masturbator with an elegant design and made of black ABS plastic, which does not need batteries, or batteries since it is used manually. This erotic toy for men will surprise you even more inside, where you will find a cover with a superfine and pleasant touch made of realistic material similar to skin, extra soft, and very pleasant to the touch.

The shape and texture of its sleeve help promote blood flow and excite the sensitive areas of your
penis, so you can enjoy full, passionate, and sensual stimulation. Its pressure regulator and the
advantage of controlling the toy manually make it easy to enjoy the rhythm and intensity of your
choice. In addition, the hygienic closing cap provides security of use, storage, and discretion.

Extra Soft Cover Made Material

 Easy cleaning
 Male masturbator to stimulate the entire penis (not just the glans area)
 Manual use
 Reusable
 Internal pressure regulator makes suction effect to control the intensity
 Waterproof
 Medical silicone

How Does The Male Masturbator Work?

The first thing is recommended by the sex shop Malaysia that you apply a little water-based lubricant inside the male masturbator for men, since it is completely compatible with your toy, in this way, the penis will enter and slide much more fluidly in addition to that the sensations are considerably enhanced.

Then it’s time to take action, uncover the sexual device, insert your penis in the masturbator and start enjoying. During masturbation, you can regulate the degree of pressure on the sleeve by pressing or releasing a button on the top of the device and in this way exert a suction effect, which will make you fly to the top.

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